2013 BST Summer Sizzler

This Saturday June 29th,  LATE MODELS, MODIFIEDS, STOCK CARS, HOBBY STOCKS, ECONOS, TRUCKS, MINI STOCKS, and a brand new class at Lamar Speedway, IMCA NORTHERN SPORT MODS!!  Pits open at 4pm. Hot Laps at 6:30 Followed by a drivers meeting and Racing starts at 7pm.  Grandstand admission $10 Adults, $4 Kids ages 6-12, FREE Kids ages 5-under.  Pit Pass $25 Adults, $10 Kids ages 5-under.

June 29th

2012 Season Championship

Our 2012 Season Championship race will be held September 22nd @ 7pm.  Points battles are tight in several classes and drivers will be fighting for every point they can get on the racetrack.  Kids will enjoy rides around the track with their favorite driver during intermission. Come out and see how the points battles are settled and enjoy the show.

2012 Spring Shootout – May11th-12th

The 2012 Lamar Speedway Spring Shootout is just a few days away.  This year the program will consist of 2 great nights of racing in all classes.  The IMCA Stocks, IMCA Hobby Stocks, LRC Trucks, LRC Econos and LRC Mini Stocks will race for money and championship points both nights, there will be no entry fee for these classes either night.  In the IMCA Modified division this weekend will kick off the BST Modified West Series for 2012.  The Mods will race for $1000 to win on Friday, $100 to start the A feature.  On Saturday they will line up again for $2000 to win and $100 to start the A feature.  The Modifieds will have a $50 entry fee on Friday and a $100 entry fee on Saturday.
Pit passes are $25.
General Admission is $10 for adults, $4 for kids 6-12, kids 5 & under are free.
On Friday pits open at 3:00pm, Hot laps will begin at 6:00pm, Racing will begin at 7:00pm.
On Saturday pits open at 3:00pm, Hot Laps will begin at 5:30pm, Racing will begin at 6:30pm.
If you have any questions please call Kelley @ 719-336-5414

See You At The Races.

Work Day Scheduled for April 7th

A work day has been scheduled for Saturday April 7th, 2012 at 9am. We need to get started getting the facility back into shape, April 14th will be on us before we know it.  Maybe bring any painting supplies if you have them, also electric drills for replacing bleacher boards.  We also need rakes, shovels, pitch forks and anything else needed to gather and burn weeds.  The more help we get the sooner we can get done and back to working on our race cars!

Raceceivers Required at Lamar Speedway in 2012

As you have probably heard Raceceivers will be required in all classes this year at the Lamar Speedway.

Lamar Racing Club has set themselves up as dealers for the complete Raceceiver line in order to attempt in keeping our racer’s cost down.  All items will be sold to racers at dealer cost plus freight.  We are going to place this order on Monday April 2nd, to have them here by practice time and as a bulk order to keep freight to a minimum.  As part of the dealer agreement after the initial order all other orders must be a minimum of 10 units at a time, so if you do not get in on this first order you will either have to wait until we reach the required order amount or pay retail price and freight for a single.   Dealer pricing is $72.00 for Raceceiver only (no ear piece!)  If you have a good set of ear phones (I.E. IPod, MP3, ECT) these will plug into the Raceceiver and will work but make sure they are flush in your ears and will fit under your helmet comfortably.  Raceceiver Rookie Driver Kits are $85.00 this comes with an inexpensive ear piece that she said is pretty hard to hear from in high noise environments.  Semi Pro Driver Kit $95.00 are the most common one in use right now.  It comes with a high quality earpiece set with high impedance for clarity.  They also have a Professional Driver Kit available for $139.00 this kit comes with a very high quality earpiece set that has a transducer rated at 110db.  Raceceiver recommends this kit to the racer who wants the utmost quality and hearing in an earpiece or to drivers that have hearing impairments.  We are also working with another company who make DIY kits for custom ear plugs.  After forming the kits to your ears you can then insert the earpiece through it to gain even more clarity.  These kits are currently priced at $40.00 plus freight but we are trying to get a volume discount.

I hope that I did not confuse anyone if you have any questions feel free to call me at 719-336-5414 or email me at Kelley@perfautomotive.com.  I am making a list so please get back to me ASAP.  If you do not want to purchase at this time we will have approximately 10 units available at the track to rent for the night.  Rental cost will be $20.00 per night equipment must be returned at the end of the race.   You must purchase an earpiece for $15.00 (Rookie Set) that will be yours to keep.  If you know any racers that may not be receiving this email please forward it to them so that we can get the word out.
Kelley Morris